Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

I like this graphic - it reminds me of my dad.  My dad's the original hippy.  Back in the day he sported long hair and he still has a full beard.  His dream involves building a house in  the "woods" and each year he tills up 3/4 of his backyard for a vegetable garden.  He believes in organic produce and the ability of your body to heal itself.  He told me just the other day he couldn't sleep, so at 3 in the morning he was trying to check out some yoga program on the television....


As a grown daughter, I appreciate all the help and support from my dad that has led me to the person I am today.  Thanks to Dad and our projects together - I can build things from wood and use power tools; I am becoming a master at home repair; I've learned more about my car than I ever wanted to; and just last year I learned how to strip down the lawn mower and reassemble it.  My dad's the original Mr. Fix-It, and through his tutelage I can now confidently replace the mysterious inner workings found in the back of the toilet tank or replace a ceiling fan - on my own.  


My dad and I are a lot alike.  We both love to talk and are happy to talk for hours (in person or on the phone) about our newest interests and passions.  We regularly talk about our garden, health, books we've read, TV shows we watch, computer technology, the education system, and science and/or history documentaries.  We do occasionally go weeks without chatting or visiting, but usually every week or two we get together to do a project at one of our houses or just hang out to watch TV together and catch up.

Father's Day prompts me to slow down and think about all the great memories I have with my dad, and all the reasons I love him.  He helped provide a wonderful home for me to grow up in, and has remained a big part of my life after I've moved out.  To my dad and all the other dads out there - have a Happy Father's Day and thanks for being a dad!

What great memories do you have of the Dads in your lives?