Friday, December 23, 2011

Today's the 10th Day of Christmas! We're almost there!

12 DAYS of Christmas Spirit!  Celebrate these last few days, and gather last-minute gifts, by using coupon code:   9thDay to save 20% on all orders of $25+, Plus TODAY, on the 10th Day of Christmas, all orders will receive a FREE WASHCLOTH or Scrubbie, plus a 10% off coupon for your next order, Free Gift Wrap and a Free Laminated Bookmark with order (my choice of colors).

Today's the Tenth Day of Christmas!  Follow along each day, and earn increasing coupons, prizes, and free stuff each day from now until Christmas day for any order in the Etsy Shop!  :)

For today's promotion, get a Free Washcloth or Scrubbie with each order of $25+, and get 20% off Today's Order, get a 10% off coupon for your Next order, Free Gift Wrap, PLUS a Free laminated colorful bookmark. 
What will tomorrow bring?  In the spirit of the song, each day the coupon+prizes get larger until Christmas itself!


I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and is almost prepared for Christmas.  My family Christmas events start tonight and last for 3 days with different meals at different houses.  Today's goal involves some cooking for tonight's family dinner, finishing up some super secret crafts that will be presents for this weekend, and knitting more on a custom scarf that is almost finished.  What are you up to?

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