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Book Review: Deadly Straits by R. E. McDermott

Deadly Straits by R.E. McDermott 

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Very impressed! This is one of my "first-read" books, which is awesome. In fact, I didn't win a print copy of the book, but Mr. McDermott sent me a Kindle book to read. My first "first-read" book, and the first book I read on my new Kindle. Double awesome! :)

Reading this book, I would never have guessed that Mr. McDermott was a first time author. The story line is smooth and well-written, characters are developed and interesting, and the plot moves along very quickly with lots of twists and turns. I was definately always interested in what was on the next page.

The plot line was complex - moving from one character's viewpoint to another, reminiscent of David Baldacci's books. That is a very intricate style of writing - to be able to keep track of several different viewpoints and what is happening in the plot in many places, and make them blend together to make sense in the story's timeline. Again - kudos to a first time author here!

The topic of the book deals with political terrorism involving industries & economies of many different countries around the world. The main industry was the shipping industry, particularly big tanker ships, but involved many other types of merchandise that would be shipped across the ocean on the ships. The main characters involved shipping CEO's, national political leaders, spies, fanatical terrorists, and general "worker class" people. From early on, it was easy to connect with the 'good guys' and I was rooting for them throughout the story.

The book starts out with a bang, and is a page-turning, action-packed story all the way through. Several times I was suprised by where the story turned, but in the end it all tied together and enriched the plot.

I give this book 4 stars, as it was interesting, well-written, and one I highly recommend to anyone interested in this genre of book.

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