Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's that time of year again.  Time to bake, cook, and get together to visit with family and friends.  I feel I'm doing my part today.  Early this morning, I snuck back to the grocery store to get all our last minute items and to buy a few ingredients to make my special peanut butter cream pie (special request from Dad- his favorite).  Since I've been home I've cleaned a little, made 2 pies, cooked brunch, and started laundry.  Not too shabby for a day off.  I'm looking forward to a nap later this afternoon - my reward for all my hard work.

My other goals for this afternoon include finishing cleaning house before my house guests get here and taking pictures to post some new items in my Etsy store.  I hope to get several more items added quickly, so they will be available for this weekend's big shopping spree.  At this point, I've done what I could to take advantage of our almost instinctual-urge to go shopping the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I have set up a special weekend sale code (SMALLBUSINSAT112611) that will allow customers to save 25% on their purchase.  I've also registered with American Express for Small Business Saturday - so that my customers who use their American Express cards on orders of at least $25 will get a $25 credit on their next statement.  (Very cool).  I've got a few more things to tweak before this weekend, but overall I feel that the store is set up well and looks ready for our big sale.

Also this weekend, I look forward to a lot of time visiting with family members, which means time to knit.  This afternoon I need to go back into my stash and pick out which projects/yarns I will be carrying with me as I go from house to house to visit.  I've got a few projects started, but they are at the point where you need to think as you knit, so I may need to get some new yarn out and start something that involves a lot of basic knitting or stockinette stitches (I've found that the more involved I am in the discussion, the more likely I am to miscount or lose my pattern....which unfortunately I don't often realize until several rows later).  I've had a few requests for some items, so perhaps I can start of those.  Popular requests so far:  special winter hats and fingerless gloves.  This brisk fall weather is starting some of us thinking about bundling up for winter.  :)

Happy Thanksgiving.  During this time, I stop and think about all the things I'm thankful for in my life - my family and friends especially.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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