Saturday, November 26, 2011


Today I'm just an Etsy-Listing-Fool. One of my goals this weekend was to dig out stuff from my craft show tubs that is not on Etsy, and put it up there. I especially wanted to take advantage of the big sale weekend. (Black Friday, Small  Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday).  In my store, I've listed everything is 25% this Friday through Monday with coupon code SMALLBUSINSAT112611.  I also registered my store with American Express Small Business Saturday.  Last, but not lease, I've been putting up my store URL and classified ads all over the internet.  Like this:

Part of my goal was to add listings in small groups a couple of times a day through the weekend.  Two purposes - it does take some time to type up the long form involved with listing items (and taking pictures, if needed, and editing them too) and by the time I put several up, I'm ready for a stretch break.  And second - when your listing is first added, it shows up briefly in the top of the searches, so it is more likely to get noticed.  So, if the entries are spaced out, I'm more likely to attact more people to my page.

So far - 20 new listings in the past 24 hours.  Wow.  And so many more to go. How did I create so much stuff and just take it to craft shows instead of putting it online? LOL. Here's to hoping this sparks some sales.  So far I can tell it's definately sparked a lot of people passing through the store or listings.  Etsy has a neat feature (somewhat addicting), which allows you to see your shop statistics - like how many visitors you've had in the last hour - to the shop or an item, which items have been viewed, and if they came from etsy, a link, or a search engine.  Most of my traffic seems to come from direct links - which probably means when I post on Facebook or Twitter, or from direct classified ads that I put up online that have a link to my store in them.  Which goes to show what I've suspected all along, that my shop has a much better chance of selling stuff if I actually spend time tending to it instead of ignoring it.  Hmm....

For today's projects, I've pulled out things that I take around to craft shows, but have not put online yet.  The latest treasure I've found are my beaded lanyards.  I don't mind making lanyards, although those seed beads can be tricky to get threaded on the string.  I like the bright colors, the fun shapes of hte beads, and jewelry-like final product.  I wear beaded lanyards each day to school to hold my school ID badge.  I'm not super-fashionable about it.  I have several in the closet at school, but usually wear the current one with all outfits until I manage to catch it on something and break it. 

16" Yellow & Brass Butterfly Beaded ID Lanyard - FREE SHIPPING  17" Purple & Pink Flower Accent Beaded Lanyard - FREE SHIPPING   16" Green Beaded ID Lanyard - FREE SHIPPING   20" Multicolored Heart Accent Beaded ID Lanyard - FREE SHIPPING   19" Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Beaded ID Badge Lanyard - FREE SHIPPING  18" Red, White, and Black Dice Beaded Lanyard - FREE SHIPPING

And just for fun, I found in the tub a Monkey Bow that I've made.  Usually I make bows to go on the little girls knit hats I make, but this one I just turned into a bow on a spring locked clip.

Green & Brown Polka Dots Monkey Hair Bow

Now, back to the grindstone. I've got pictures to take of products, Photoshop Editing to do, and then listings to create.  My goals for this weekend - to get through the rest of the scarves and start the listings for the hand knit wash clothes and scrubbies.  And maybe, just maybe, if I am super efficient and still game, I'll go on to all those baby hats.

Happy Shopping to All.  :)

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