Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Which Should I Do: Mow the Grass or Knit?

Here we are, the second day of SUMMER VACATION.  Still on pins & needles to see if my summer school class makes for tomorrow or if I'll really have the whole summer free to play.  Very exciting times, since I haven't had a summer off since, well . . . . maybe 9th grade.  But, in any case, today is free no matter what.  So, what to do, what to do?  All weekend I've known that the grass will need to be mowed sometime this week.  Is today the day?  Or, should I work move on my new rainbow bag? 

Going into the living room, I see my knitting inspiration:
Last night before bed I finished the front of this fun summer bag.  I already have a fun handle, also shown in the picture.  (Can you see what's wrong with the handle?  It's a mistake from another project, but looks like it will go well as the handle of this bag.  If you spot the mistake, comment on it below.)  So, now my creative juices are flowing.  What will the other side of this bag look like?  I could make it the same as this, and have a nice symmetrical bag.  Another friend suggested making the stripes cross the opposite direction on the bag.  Or I could do a solid color.  Or use a solid color and do patterns/lace/texture.  Decisions, decisions.

Back to my morning dilemma, I look outside to see if the lawn really needs to be mowed today.  Here is what I see:

Yes, that is definitely some tall grass.  And for those of you that are observant, you'll notice the grass in the foreground is fairly short.  If we zoomed back, you'd see patches of tall grass all over my yard, with most of it being fairly short.  I call this my Freedom Lawn.  I found the term in a book once, and have adopted it for my own.  The idea is that you keep your lawn free from chemicals, and so lots of different organisms can make it their habitat.  I think the idea has ecological principles.  For me, whatever gives me less interaction with my lawn is the way to go, so my usual practice is to scalp it about every two weeks, come what may.  Looking at this, it appears it is time once again to do battle with the lawn mower and tackle the yard.

Mowing the lawn takes quite a bit of prep time for me before I go outside.  Allergy pill to ward off symptoms - check.  Gloves to wear while mowing - check.  Mosquito bug spray, because for a yard with no standing water, mine sure is prime habitat - check.  Sunglasses, goggles, bandanna to wear over face - check.  Lawn mowing shoes so my normal shoes don't turn green - check.  Keys - check.  And then, off I go. 

Lawn mowing really doesn't take that much time, if I can get the mower started (my next mower will be a key start).  As I'm mowing, I notice all the different types of small grasses and weeds that grow short to the ground.  They grow 2-3" tall, so have adapted to survive under the range of the lawn mower blades.  One species has pretty, tiny yellow flowers right now.  Another - white.  The flower stalks are all sacrificed to the lawn mower blade.  Most of them have a very quick blooming cycle, so will probably be able to get some other flowers up and pollinated by all the insects in my yard before the next mowing cycle.  My thoughts turn to our school guinea pigs, Tallula and Bella.  Now that it's warm, I need to start bringing them out to graze in the yard.  They would surely enjoy all these different types of grasses.  And now it's done, and the yard looks smooth and green:

Daily exercise for today.  Yeah!  And now, cleaned up with plenty of time to knit this afternoon.  I'm leaning towards a yellow back.  What do you think?  Makes me think of sunshine and summertime.

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