Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rainy Day Knitting

I've been enjoying myself today, knitting during a loud, heavy thunderstorm and reading.  Surprisingly, I can get more knitting than expected done while spending the morning reading news articles and blog updates.  Click on the link, then knit while reading.  Scroll down, knit some more. 

Today was an unexpected thunderstorm, at least for me.  During summer vacation I tend to be disconnected from the real world for days on end, so I miss out on weather forecasts.  Lately it's been hot & humid or even hotter & humid.  I was surprised enough when it started pouring to go online and look up the weather to see if it would be raining all day.  This rain might have caught the weathermen unexpected as well, because my forecast predicted 0% change of precipitation until at least 8 hours from now.  The current weather map did have a massive storm coming up to Tulsa with all sorts of pretty colors on the map.   Hmm....

Well, onto the knitting.

  (Example from woollythoughts.org)

In the above picture, the technique is to make squares consisting of two colors (picture two triangles).  And then put the squares together like a quilt in many, many, many different designs.  The one pictured above is my current inspiration.  I like how the black lines cut through the pattern.

Earlier this week I stumbled upon  http://woollythoughts.org/ and started browsing through their various examples of knitting.  If you haven't been there, I highly recommend a look, if only to see some of the intricate, creative things they've come up with.  The basic premise of the website is using Math and Knitting to create.  There is a whole Math unit that involves knitting that the kids do, and in the process, end up creating a group afghan.  Very cool.  Look at some of the different creations they came up with:


In fact, I was inspired enough to put aside the other 3 projects I'm still not finished with to start playing with this idea.  In general, this is a lot like quilting.  You can rotate the squares to put the triangles in order in different ways.  And there are a lot of quilting patterns & shapes made of triangles on the web, to give you plenty of ideas!  (google search "quilting half square triangles")

I've started making my bicolor squares in a bright green and harvest yellow.  My thoughts:  green lines on a yellow background (and without that center hourglass shape).  12 squares made so far (and 10 of them connected).  We'll keep our fingers crossed that I get a lot accomplished before this project might too fall to the wayside in the lure of a new, bright, glittering idea.

Here are some other cool creations from woollythought.  They sell patterns online in their store:

Until next time,
               Happy Knitting

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