Monday, June 27, 2011

How to Group People you Follow on Twitter

I'm still new to Twitter, and am still learning all the ins and outs.  To be honest, I don't do much with it, other than look at some of the fun links to articles put up by some of the science magazines and tv shows.  However new I am, there are still others that are newer than me, and earlier this week I've been giving advice, from one newbie to another, on how to set up and use Twitter. 

One feature I like about Twitter is that you have the ability to Group your contacts, so that you can just look at one area or topic at a time.  Some of my groups include:  science stuff, craft stuff, people I actually know, and humor.  When I log on to Twitter, sometimes I read the main feed, but it often has people that I don't know and haven't chosen to follow.  So, sometimes I just go straight to my group pages, and read the newest tweets from there.  I usually do not go to each group each time I log on.

On to putting people on lists -  you can do this a couple of ways.  When you first add someone (if you are on their profile page), then right under their name and basic info, there is a grey line with two buttons (above the area where the tweets start).  Oh, by the way, I'm on on the computer, not on a phone.  It might look different on a phone.  But anyway, on this gray line - on the left is a button that allows you to choose to follow them (it says "Follow) or "Following" if you already are.  Then on that same gray line, to the right, is a button that has person's head and a down arrow on it.  Click on that, and a menu drops down - and you can add to list (maybe the third choice down).  You can click that, and then click one of your lists to add to.  Or, make a new list too, from that same place.

However, for all the places you've already followed, you have to go into them, one by one and add them to a list.  Hopefully you catch this early, and then anytime you follow someone from now on you can just add them to the list right there. 

To get to all your other places/people you follow, go to your profile.  Then click on the right hand side of the screen, where it says ## Following.  That brings you up to a tweet screen on the left with the latest tweets from those people.  But, at the top of the newest tweets are two tabs.  Choose the tab to the right "People."  That brings up a list of all your "Following" group, and you can go line by line and add them to whichever group you want. 

Happy grouping!  :)

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